About Us


Jul 5,1974

First vesper service

Jul 15,1974

Meeting to organize, held in Jellico Community Hospital conference room

Aug 1 1974

Present property with the farmhouse was rented


Organized into a company with 26 members

Aug 12,1974

First day of school with 4 students & Teacher Bonnie Adams

Dec 31,1974

Pastor David & Stephanie Merling arrived

Jul 31,1975

Church received as a gift the 40 acres and the farmhouse

Feb 7,1976

Organized into a church with 62 charter members

Apr 29,1978

First Sabbath in our new church building

Jan 13,1979

Pastor Edward & Eloise Reifsnyder arrived

Fall 1981

The multi-purpose building was opened


Pastor Brand

1988 to 1996

Pastor Don & Glenda Jehle

1997 to 2002

Pastor Doug & Jeri Martin


New School Built


Community Services Established in Downtown Jellico


Pastor Wayne & Sharon Coulter


Pastor Mark & Theresa Laws

2004 to

Pastor Kevin & Denise Doe


Pastor Justin & Sonya Childers

to present

Pastor Kevin & Karen Pires



























About Jellico Seventh-day Adventists

The Jellico Seventh-day Adventist Church has been in Jellico since 1974.