Today: Welcome to the Jellico Seventh-day Adventist Church. We hope you have a blessed Sabbath.

Sabbath School schedule: Adult study 10:00-11:00, Superintendent 11:10-11:25, Service 11:35.

Next Sabbath: This coming week. SS remarks. Steve Boone will speak. Offering goes to Adventist CS/WB.

Wednesday: Prayer mtg (see schedule)

Calendar:  Christmas Parade -Dec 9

                      JCA Christmas Program- Dec 13



Jellico Christian Radio 96.5 FM needs $350/month. Mark money Radio Ministry.

Seeds of Hope needs $50/month

Springs of Life needs $200/month

Church Family: keep collecting veggie labels and box tops for education. Send your labels to Martha to help raise money for missions & our school directly.


Live Well: Kerri Boone will be hosting a Live Well class this December 3 in our school gym at 6:30 pm.


Join us: December 15 for our special Christmas program.

Prayer Meeting - Here is a listing of our new weekly prayer meeting sites:

Tues @ 5:00 - W.M.G. "Life of Christ" Wed @ 6:30 - B.T.M. - "Genesis"

Wed @ 6:00 - Carolyn Towles - "Prayer Group"

Wed @ 6:00 - Community Services - "Salvation"

Church Family: Remember the Adopt A Student Program. It’s never too late to start giving any amount you can. The program helps students with their tuition.

Church Family: Let’s start collecting our Ingathering goal of $1,000. Our goal is to turn it in early this year. God will bless.

Community Center Thanksgiving Dinner: Thank you to all volunteers who made brownies and served food at the CS. We were able to provide Thanksgiving meals for more than 530 people.

Thank you: Tonya and Rick Thomas for leading out in Pathfinders. Such a fun and successful lock-in for our Pathfinder kids. God bless.

Thank you: Bonnie Wilkens and helpers who made the church look so festive for the season.

 December 1, 2018