Next Sabbath:


This coming week Song Service.
Pastor Pires will speak.
Offering goes to Local Church Budget.
Jellico Christian Radio 96.5 FM needs $350/month.
Mark money Radio Ministry.
Springs of Life needs $200 per month.
Seeds of Hope needs $50 per month.
Church Family: keep collecting veggie labels and box tops
for education. Send your labels to Martha to help raise
money for missions & our school directly.
Annual Yard Sale
Sunday, Nov. 4 to benefit our school.
Start gathering your items now to donate! Bring to gym
Sunday Oct. 28 thru the week. Please keep clothing
donations to more casual type. Also feel free to bring a supply of
Walmart bags. Much help is needed. To volunteer or for any
questions call Kathy Gimbel 423  494-3130 or
Tonya Thomas 423  494-7979


Prayer Meeting - Conference call available to hear prayer
meeting. Please call 712.770.4010... Access: 536384#. Our
Church wide prayer focus will be for our school and hospital
and Rite Aid Building. Call-in is at 6 PM.
Church Family:
Remember the Adopt A Student Program. It’s never too late to start giving any amount you can. The program helps students with their tuition.
Church Family:
Let’s start collecting our Ingathering goal of $1,000.
Our goal is to turn it in early this year. God will bless.
Next Week: Let’s prepare our hearts and mind for this
coming communion.
Sunday: Byrd Jeffers passed away this past Friday. His Funeral
will be held at Harp Funeral home this Sunday.
For more info ask Lafollette church family
Kerri Boone
Reversing Diabetes class every Monday
Every Monday through November 5 at 6:30 PM in the gym.



 October 27, 2018